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Next Gen SEO Web Design


Why You Need to build a Web Design with Next-Gen SEO coded in the back-end.

There are over 300 million websites on the web. The question is, how can I build a website that get me the best ROI. Whether or not your solution is a template or custom coded site, the user experience must captivate your audience. A professional site speaks to your audience about your brand and your mission. First impressions are everything! If your website doesn’t capture a visitor’s attention within the first couple of seconds, they will leave.  A custom web design is a must if you want to appear unique and professional. A professional look can make or break your sales.

Linked Open Data – Schema, Microdata and JSON-LD

We easily type to ask search engines, “What is climate change“ or “When are we going to Mars?“. Google, Bing and Yahoo, makes sense of these sorts of questions, delivering answers inside of boxes (termed “Knowledge Graph” from Google’s Knowledge Vault) along with the usual search results. What if we asked a more practical question, such as “What’s the cost of a 2015 Toyota“? Now, with this search query, we get a list of search results (surrounded by ads). These results reflect that the search engine understands the meaning of the question asked, and the answers to the question are exactly what the “Semantic Web” is all about. The search engine really knows the meaning of the question and knows the best answers to that question. Nine out of ten of the Google search results on the first page have something else in common:
Schema (Structured Data) is integrated to our web design to enhance website visibility to the major search engines. IDtek employs  Next-Gen SEO, such as JSON-LD, RDFA (Resource Description Framework in Attributes), LOD(Linked Open Data), LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) & SVD (Singular Value Decomposition), FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology), even LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation), and more.

Web Design Services

IDTek Digital is a full service Orange County web design company that specializes in professional business web design. Our expert web design team has helped numerous Orange County businesses from a variety of industries establish an effective online presence by building a fully functioning professional-looking website.

All of our custom web design services come with the following:

  • Free, No Obligation Consultation
  • Dedicated Personnel For Your Project
  • Functioning development site. The development progress will be seen in real time
  • Search Engine Optimized Webpages
  • Your site on a powerful CMS platform that is capable of blogs, forums, photo galleries, event calendars, secure logins and more

Web Technology CMS Platforms.

IDTek Digital is proud to use the gold standards of the Web Industry WordPress and Magento.

Web Design Orange County, Ca

WordPress – Content Management Platform

WordPress is the leading content management system – CMS platform in the world. Site owners to easily manage aspects of their website.

Magento Ecommerce Ornage County, CA

Magento – Ecommerce Platform

IDTek Digital is proud to offer the powerful Magento platform. Magento has become the most popular open-source ecommerce platform available, allowing site owners to independently maintain their online stores with minimum of training.