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AdWords Dynamic Display, YouTube Advertising and TextAd PPC (Pay Per Click)


More leads, More sales, Immediately!

Paid search marketing, is the fastest and most immediate way of getting targeted visitors to your website. Video, Display and PPC advertising campaign can send you instant traffic. IDTek can deliver a campaign within 6 hours. You need leads and sales to grow your business.. We understand that you may need this NOW. So, we created a custom platform that allows you get traffic from PPC instantly.

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How it Works

1) Key Term Research – With the latest in predictive trend modeling, we determined what keyterms your potential customers are using to search for your products or services.
2) Ad Creation – IDTek creates custom Video and Display ads for each key term to promote your business and propel you to success. We specifically target the user search querys, financial income and interests capturing them and sending them to your website.
3) Website Traffic – Landing page specifically designed to your target webpage so when your audience visits your website they are compelled to convert to a customer.

Paid advertisement is an extremely powerful and effective way to grow your business immediately.

There is a lot more involved in our process and management techniques (detailed below), but in respect to Google and other Search Engines, this means an instant ranking for your top keywords that are potentially moneymakers for your business. PPC provides business owners with the opportunity to start generating leads from the moment an Adwords campaign is launched.Google Adwords Certified

Our experts can help. We possess the expertise and tools necessary to run a profitable PPC ad campaign. Our strategy involves:

Paid Digital Advertising Set Up:

  • Establishing specific goals and initial expectations
  • Competition Analysis and Usage of budgeting tools.
  • A/B Ad Copy Testing
  • Establishing geographical targeting and correct ad timing
  • Analytic conversion data
  • Implementing and building comprehensive negative keyword listing
  • Building and designing correct campaigns for search and content network advertising
  • Campaign creation
  • Custom Content on your landing pages.

Guaranteed Results

  • We monitor your ad campaigns and make adjustments as needed to produce maximum results.
  • Reporting each month will prove out the effectiveness of the ROI which IDTek will continually improve upon. We track the click through and conversion rates over the life of the campaign to determine which keywords are working and which are not. With an effective PPC strategy, you will soon see an increase of traffic and profits.

With IDTek digital advertising services, your target audience will find and buy your product or service you easily. With more visitors to your site, your company will be able to increase sales and leads with no trouble at all!