Craigslist Advertising

Why use eAutoblaster®?

  • Volume Classified Ad Website Postings: eAutoblaster® guarantees to post your dealerships inventory daily ! We never miss a beat !
    Our proprietary posting software is absolutely the most consistent and reliable in the industry.
  • Increased Used Car Sales: The eAutoblaster® marketing program changes the game for any new/used car franchise dealerships. Our program will absolutely increase your dealerships current UC sales volume by 25% to 35% or more in your very first month on the program. We deliver consistent results for our dealers.That means more money to the bottom line.Never wholesale trade-ins again!
  • Sales Call Volume: Your dealership will consistently receive quality UC sales calls daily! These are serious, ready to purchase, buyers in your immediate market vicinity calling on your inventory! All sales calls are high quality hot leads.
    Click Here to view actual call volume reports.
  • Advantages: As one of our dealer clients, your UC inventory will be visible on Classified Ad Websites front pages daily in your local market…period! Our software is custom tailored to achieve maximum visibility on Classified Ad Websites specifically for the new/used car automobile industry. We are constantly adding more interactive tools for your sales needs. We want you to sell more cars!
  • Staff Experience: Our skilled marketing staff averages 15 to 25 years of New/Used car business experience. Areas including advertising, marketing, GM, GSM and UC management experience, finance, and wholesale. We know what you expect!
  • Customer Support: 24 /7/365 assistance. Our IT Department can easily integrate with any CRM and call manager system that you currently have in place for accurate measured results of our used car marketing program.

What will eAutoBlaster do for your dealership?


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  • Your dealership will see a huge increase in your Craigslist leads with our program immediately!
  • We fully customize your ads to stand out from your competition which will generate alot more leads!
  • We update and post your inventory continually daily ! Including your”sold inventory”!
  • We have a call tracking system and we provide daily lead reports to your dealership!
  • We post on Craigslist, Ebay & Ebay Classifieds, Backpage, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with Full Videos
  • We Guarantee your dealership results! 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Revised 02/17/2015, eAutoblaster®

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